Qua. 12.05.2021  10:00 - 11:00 Uhr

Record inventory with the help of drones

What opportunities and potentials arise from the use of drones in inventory? What needs to be considered during the introduction?

Digitalization is also advancing rapidly in warehousing. Drones offer the possibility of recording inventories in the warehouse, even in hard-to-reach places, with relatively little effort

Especially in high-bay warehouses, an inventory can be carried out easily, safely and reliably. Where previously people had to laboriously record individual quantities and positions by hand, camera-based drones can process this information from the warehouse automatically and digitally. Thus, the complete target/actual comparison becomes reality at the push of a button, virtually in a fly-by.

First, there will be a brief overview of the status and significance of digitalization in intralogistics. In the expert presentation, insights into the practice of inventory with drones will be described and the opportunities and potentials discussed. Furthermore, the aspects of navigation, especially in indoor operation, will be addressed and which special features and requirements have to be considered when implementing and using drones.

Above all, we look forward to your personal experiences, thoughts and questions in the subsequent open discussion.

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